Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Why I’m not quite a hockey fan

Since moving to Michigan, I’ve adopted the Detroit Red Wings as a favorite team. In the past I’ve also cheered for the Dallas Stars and—believe it or not—the Colorado Avalanche. Growing up in South Texas, hockey was seldom shown on television. When I did get to watch it, it was relegated to brief clips of two players fighting each other. My father, bless him, would refuse to watch hockey, saying that “all they ever do is fight.”

As a game, I love watching hockey. It has the same concept as soccer, except that it’s much faster and far more exciting. I am dismayed, though, by the number of fans who are so gung-ho about going to a game and watching a fight. How about hoping for your team to win instead?

I wish that hockey were like soccer, football and baseball in that when fights break out, they are broken up immediately and the players are ejected. If I want to see a fight, I’ll watch boxing instead.

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