Monday, April 14, 2008

Lefthanders in the White House

If John McCain or Barack Obama get elected, it’ll mark the sixth time in eight elections that Americans have elected a left-handed president. Ronald Reagan, according to his son Michael Reagan, was originally left-handed but was forcibly converted to right-handed ways; George H.W. Bush is left-handed (although he golfs right-handed); Bill Clinton is left-handed (ditto on his golfing ways).

I have heard that Al Gore is left-handed, but I haven’t gotten this corroborated. I do know that Hillary Clinton is a right-hander.

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Carole Seawert said...

I read a book a couple of weeks ago by Melissa Roth that said 'leadership requires skills that play to the strengths of a left-hander's brain'. The book goes on to quote Stanley Coren who wrote 'the Left-handed Syndrome' that says they may be pre-disposed for the job: "Many left handers actually have a profile that works very well for a politican. They tend to be more dominant rather than nurturing. And they tend to be a bit more pushy and a bit more cold".

Not sure if any of this is true. It may just be pure coincidence, of course. When I studied Latin A level at school, there were six in our class plus two teachers and we were all left handed, including the teachers.

Carole from