Friday, April 4, 2008

Audio books

I am currently listening to The Reagan Diaries on audio book format. Wow, I wish I’d done this long ago. gone are the boring drives to work where every soft rock station is endlessly playing the same-old tired songs like “Always Something There to Remind Me”, “Tainted Love” or something by John Mellencamp. Nothing against Mellencamp or the people who sang these other songs, but it just gets tiring hearing them constantly.

TRD is pretty fascinating as President Ronald Reagan chronicled his time in the American presidency. Interesting in retrospect: Reagan erroneously thought that former Supreme Court justice Sandra Day O’Connor (whom he nominated) was being unfairly criticized for her less-than pro-life views. Reagan also talks about his trip to China and the advice given to him by former president Richard Nixon: don’t ask what you’re eating—just swallow it and move on. Considering that duck and chicken brains are a delicacy in the Chinese culture, that was good advice.

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