Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Suggestion for Sean Berry, Houston Astros hitting coach

Tonight, the Houston Astros try to get their first win of the season as they face the San Diego Padres and Greg Maddux. Unfortunately, the Astros’ chances of going 0-3 are pretty good considering their historic lack of success against The Professor.

Perhaps the Astros’ bats need some spark.

I wish Sean Berry would use this threefold approach Wade Boggs is said to advocate:

* Swing only at pitches that are in the strike zone.

* Foul off close pitches.

* Avoid pitches outside the strike zone.

If you’re confused by the Astros logo in this entry and wondering how it looks so much different from the Astros’ current black-brick-sand logo, that’s because this one is from the sixties. I absolutely abhor the current railroad-theme logo and, on this blog, will use only classic Astros logos. It’s my protest against what I think is an ugly, out-of-place logo that needs to be retired. Whether it’s a return to the blue and orange, or the blue and gold of the nineties or a new logo based on the blue, red and silver of the NASA logo, I don’t care.

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