Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Longest Yard remake

My wife and I saw that last night. Not too bad a film; will have to rent the original sometime. I liked Adam Sandler, but maybe I’m partial to him since, according to Tom Wilson’s Questions song Adam’s a very nice guy in real life. Other noteworthy cast members included Burt Reynolds (wearing the number he also wore in the original), Dallas Cowboys Hall of Fame receiver Michael Irvin (who almost went to prison in real life), Brian Bosworth, Steve Austin and the extremely-underrated actor William Fichtner.

Bosworth wore #44 in the movie, and there’s a funny story behind that. He wore #44 as a linebacker at Oklahoma but was prevented by the NFL from wearing it at the pro level. Apparently, linebackers can only wear numbers in the 50s and 90s range. Bosworth intended to go to court, but his career was cut short by injuries.

We thought the subplot of the guard whose steroids were switched with estrogen pills was funny.

The movie obviously is very light. I’ve heard stories of what prison can be like, and those stories would give any rational person the incentive to keep their noses clean.

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