Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Besides spam, another warning about this blog

This hasn’t happened yet, but I wanted to make a statement about it now rather than wait for it to happen. Like other writers, I’ve received hate mail in my eight years as a professional writer. I remember one angry letter from a Wynonna Judd fan who took exception to my referencing Ms. Judd in a drunk driving column (the country singer was mentioned along with several other celebrities who had been arrested for drunken driving, and I was commenting about how it’s imperative that we realize just how seriously irresponsible drinking and driving can be). As heated as the exchange was, I am very impressed that the letter writer never resorted to profanity. However, in another letter, an angry Seinfeld fan took exception to my comments that the show is lousy (and, boy, is it). The writer resorted to some fairly graphic profanity. All because I dared to say I didn’t like "The Show About Nothing".

My point: feel free to comment or even disagree with me. But any posts containing profanity will be unceremoniously deleted and no response will be given. Sorry, but I simply don’t have the time to waste dignifying inappropriate remarks.


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