Friday, September 28, 2007

Rumor about a horror film classic

There’s an interesting rumor out regarding Stanley Kubrick’s 1980 horror masterpiece The Shining, of which a special-edition DVD will be released on October 23. The DVD is said to have special features, and the rumor is that one special feature reportedly will be a deleted scene that many—including myself—have been dying to see.

SPOILER ALERT: if you’ve never seen The Shining but want to, please don’t read any further.

Final warning.

Ok. here it goes.

When the film was released (according to my mother-in-law, who first saw it when it came out in theaters) between the scene of Jack Nicholson’s character frozen to death and the slow zoom on the picture of him “always” being at the hotel, there was another scene. Wendy Torrance is in the hospital, and Overlook Hotel manager Mr. Ullman comes to visit her. He tells her that they’ve searched the hotel and maze thoroughly and could not find Jack’s body. He then leaves, laughs as he pats Danny’s head, and then something really creepy happens.

A ball rolls on the floor to where Danny is.

Yes, that same ball from earlier in the film.

Danny then starts to “shine” again as the scene ends.

One person I e-mailed once claimed to know the late filmmaker and said that the deleted footage is locked in a London vault. Maybe we’ll get to see it again.

One thing’s certain: I doubt Stephen King, who wrote the novel, will watch this film. King, whose dislike for Kubrick’s version is legendary, back in the late nineties made television version of his novel. Though closer to his novel...well, let's just say that though King is the better writer, Kubrick is by far the better filmmaker.

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