Saturday, September 22, 2007

Castro's final days may FINALLY be here

Interesting developments regarding Cuban dictator Fidel Castro. According to Matt Drudge, who has this nasty habit of breaking big stories, a new book about Castro is to be released soon. Written by Ann Louise Bardach (whom Drudge describes as “one of the preeminent authorities on Cuban and Miami politics”, the title is Without Fidel: The Death of Castro and Other Tales.

The book, Drudge reports, confirms two things about Fidel.

One, he is terminally ill and dying.

Two, he is determined to outlive the Bush presidency, which will be on January 20, 2009. As of this writing, he has 485 days to go.

Well, his bad health withstanding, that’s not too difficult a task when you head a brutal regime that holds no open elections. The one thing about Castro I’ll always remember are all the countless Cubans who have risked their lives on makeshift boats to float the 90 or so miles from Cuba to the Florida and freedom. It astonishes me how many knuckleheaded celebrities like Jack Nicholson, Danny Glover, Oliver Stone, et al., inexplicably think of Castro as a great man. Such is Hollywood’s continued love affair with communist dictators.

I can’t say I hate Castro (but I do despise what he has done to Cuba), but I find myself almost amused at the nonsense of how he keeps a hectic schedule even at this age, working 18-20 hours a day, sleeping only five hours a day and how his schedule would tire a much-younger man. I’d only get five hours of sleep a day if I knew that my brutal regime made lots of enemies and that the more I slept, the more opportunity I was giving for the plots to materialize.

Glad I don’t live in Cuba. Castro has been known for his multi-hour speeches. As they say in Spanish, ¡Muy aburrido! (Very boring!) I can’t even sit through a one-hour state-of-the-union speech of President Bush’s, whom I voted for twice.

Note: in the picture, Castro holds the recent book of former Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan that criticizes President Bush and praises former President Bill Clinton.

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