Sunday, September 23, 2007

New chess set for my collection

(I just can’t do a post about chess without including a picture of the master himself, Garry Kasparov. Здравствуйте, Господин Каспаров!)

My father-in-law, who has a knack for finding really cool stuff at yard sales, bought me a chess set. It's one of those that, when not in use, folds into a solid rectangle. Needs work done to it, including varnishing, replacing the squares, new hinges, handle and hasp. Jennifer told me the inside should also be lined with velvet to prevent the pieces from scratching. Still, not bad considering it was being sold for $1 and Dad paid 50 cents for it. Not bad at all.

Looking it over, I toyed with the idea of royal blue and white squares since I love chessboards with contrast. Decided against it, felt that the squares should match the black and beige wooden pieces. Someday I’d love to get a chessboard and pieces that are royal blue and white. Perhaps from a place like Israel.

If there's anyone out there who loves playing chess, let me know. My sons like to play against me, but maybe I could engage you in playing over the Internet.


Griffin said...

Oooh, a blue and white chess set would be awesome. I bet you could do pretty well with some miniature paints (like from or from an art store). I'd love to try out some of the "speckle" or "crackle" type paints on the chess set, but they're probably a bit too thick for the pieces. Mini paints would be cool though.

I'm a mini geek *and* a chess lover.

Richard Zowie said...

blue's my favorite color.

i really thought i was a a decent chess player until i played against my wife's stepfather. Clif wasn't even paying full attention to the game (he was playing civilization on the computer and looking over when it was his turn) and in four games, he wiped me out. The best I did on the fourth one was to resign in 20 moves.