Monday, September 17, 2007

A note about this blog

There are two areas where I like to record my thoughts: this blog and my journal. This blog is for my general thoughts on life while the journal is for my private thoughts. If you came here hoping to have a reading experience similar to Live Journal, then I'm afraid I'll disappoint you. The older I get, the more private I become. Sometimes I think the Robert DeNiro approach of never talking about his private life is preferable to the Geraldo Rivera approach of writing a book called Exposing Myself and detailing his trysts with various famous women people (which some of them have publicly denied). Some, I suppose, consider public, tell-all journals a cathartic experience. More power to them. Whenever I blog, I ask myself a question: will the information shared be a future source of regret or embarrassment? If there's any doubt, then I don't blog.

Otherwise, I hope you enjoy reading. Feel free to leave comments.

Richard Zowie
Arbela Township, Michigan

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