Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Hollywood cultural imperialist actor Kevin Spacey meets with Venezuelan dictator…er, president Hugo Chavez

Same old, same old.

Actor Kevin Spacey met Monday with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. Nothing was disclosed about what they spoke about in their almost three-hour encounter, but the actor was reported to have visited a $13 million film studio. The government established it as a way to support filmmakers in Venezuela.

Chavez has said that his country hopes to make films as an alternative to Hollywood’s “cultural imperialism.”

Now, I’m really confused. Most of the mainstream films made in Hollywood are by actors like Spacey, Sean Penn (who’s visited with Chavez), Danny Glover (ditto), Jack Nicholson, Brad Pitt and so on. All of these actors make no secret about their very liberal leanings. Very few actors in Hollywood are openly conservative. And as far as Christian filmmaking industry, it’s more along the lines of independent filmmaking.

All the above actors are very wealthy men, no doubt reaping the financial benefits of working in a culturally imperialistic profession.

I’ve never wondered why Hollywood celebrities whine so much about capitalism. Griping about a system that has allowed them to become insanely rich is the quintessential example of biting the hand that feeds you. A friend of mine suggested it’s guilt for making so much money for the work they do.

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