Monday, October 1, 2007

Will Conservatives go Third Party in 2008?

A New York Times blog is reporting that Christian Conservatives are so fed up with the Republican Party that they are considering supporting a third-party candidate for the 2008 White House run—especially if the GOP nominates former New York City major Rudy Giuliani. Giuliani is considered by many disgruntled conservatives to be a RINO—Republican In Name Only. They take particular issue with his support for abortion and gay rights.

Dr. James Dobson, acting as an individual rather than the head of Focus on the Family, has been especially critical of the GOP and has even expressed reluctance supporting former Tennessee Senator Fred Thompson since Thompson ostensibly doesn’t openly espouse Christianity.

Third party candidates are understandable, especially with the growing displeasure many have with the Democrats and Republicans. But for conservatives who wish to go third party, they should realize it means risking a few terms with a person in the White House who is opposed to all their views. A few years ago, I chatted with a conservative libertarian regarding the 2004 presidential race between President Bush and Massachusetts senator John Kerry. This gent wrote to me that if he really thought Senator Kerry could do grave damage as president, he’d vote for Bush. Otherwise, he was voting Libertarian.

I would consider going third party (such as the Constitutional Party) if I had assurance that a Republican was a lock to win in 2008. I don’t feel comfortable making it easier for Senator Hillary Clinton to win the White House, though, so I will likely vote GOP unless given a compelling reason not to.

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Anonymous said...

Daniel Imperato is the Christian Conservative that they are going to back. I read online that he is friends with Richard Viguerie.