Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Christian candidates for president

We’re used to politicians talking about their faith. Some generically describe how their “faith” is very important to them. Some even espouse Christianity while others say that faith is a private matter and should be left as such. There has been lots of criticism of “Christian” politicians, who claim to espouse conservative issues but yet are liberal when it comes to roll calls and signing of legislation.

Here’s another one to consider—third-party candidate Daniel Imperato.

A second-generation Italian-American, Imperato describes himself as a “man of faith” who was baptized by Pastor Benny Hinn. Raised a Catholic, Imperato now embraces both the evangelical Christian community and the Messianic Judaic community. Messianic Judaism is a branch of Judaism that recognizes Rabbi Y’shua bin Yosef (or Jesus Christ, as English speakers know Him) as the Messiah.

Blogger Joseph Oddo had this to say about the candidate: “[Imperato] studies the Torah and has been personally endorsed by several rabbis including Rabbi Moshe Koniuchowsky and Rabbi Eddie Chumney, showing his Jewish support and support for Israel.”


Anonymous said...

I agree Romney is pro-gay marriage, said he wants away from the days of Ronald Reagan, and is pro-abortion.

Giuliani is the same marching in gay rights parades.

What people don't realize is that if hate speech is extended to protect gays, like Giuliani supports, then the Bible will be considered hate speech, because it denounces homosexuality.

Good find on Imperato, I think he could be a real choice for us in 2008.

Don said...

Ron Paul or Tom Tancredo!

Anonymous said...

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