Monday, October 15, 2007

Doing the near-impossible: trying to determine my eye color

I've always thought I had very strange eyes. In the service I listed my eye color (top photo) as "Green". On my driver's license they are "Hazel". Sometimes they look brown while other times they look very green. In short, underneath they are green with brown mixed in at the top.

This weekend, my wife and I saw these photos (middle and bottom) on Wikipedia. The middle one is a person with Hazel eyes while the bottom is a person with Amber eyes. Jennifer tells me my eyes now look amber rather than hazel.


Anonymous said...

It looks like sectoral heterochromia.

Anonymous said...

My eyes are the same way. Sometimes they're hazel, sometimes they're brown, sometimes green, sometimes gold, sometimes they're even red! I usually just call them amber. They freak people out sometimes because they're rarely the same color each day.