Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Update: Talk show host Randi Rhodes not mugged BUT was injured

Earlier today on this posting, I blogged about how radio talk show host Randi Rhodes was brutally attacked and mugged near her Manhattan apartment. Now, the police and her attorney, according to the New York Daily News, have now said that report was bogus.

Some thought that Rhodes, a liberal talk show host on the leftwing Air America radio network, had been the victim of a political hate crime. Turns out, no. the police say Rhodes neither filed a report, nor did she claim to have been the victim of a crime. Her attorney told the Daily News that Rhodes was injured in a fall while walking her dog and that she’s uncertain how it happened.

Rhodes is scheduled to return to the air on Thursday and is said to be in a lot of pain.

Again, let’s keep her in our thoughts and prayers that she’s able to recover and have minimal, if any pain. You don’t even have to be a liberal to pray such a prayer for Rhodes.

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