Monday, October 15, 2007

Prince William and Kate, his potential fair maiden, may soon get engaged

News reports say that Prince William, second in line to inherit the British throne, may soon be getting engaged to his girlfriend, Kate Middleton. I hope they are able to have a happy life together, should they choose to get married.

Things have been tough for William. A few weeks ago, I watched a television interview in which both William and his younger brother, Prince Harry, reflected on their mother’s death. It’s been ten years, but you can tell they still miss their “Mummy” very much.

The British tabloids have been very busy telling us the latest about William’s personal life, including unflattering details of William and Kate’s break-up a few months ago. I sincerely hope the Royal Family has learned from the centuries what happens when you compel a future king to marry someone out of duty rather than love. As beautiful and nice of a woman Princess Diana was, it is clear that Prince Charles was not in love with her. Is it really a surprise why all those kings had mistresses?

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