Thursday, August 21, 2008

Memories of Santo Gold

Perhaps you remember those cheesy commercials from the 1980s where a man with longish dark brown hair, eyes impossible to see because of the mirror or dark-tinted aviator glasses ice cream-white suit and and flashy gold jewelry that made him look like a Mr. T wannabe. The commercials sought to promote a jewelry line and a wrestling movie. The movie was Blood Circus. Always got a kick out of the commercials since Santo Gold (real name: Santo Rigatuso and has been known to go by Bob Harris) had this curious east coast accent. He pronounced "gold" as goh-d, as if he couldn't pronounce the letter L. He also pronounced "wrestling" as rassling. And, of course, the word "genuine" as gen-you-wine. The whole thing seemed to me like an extremely bizarre dream.

His movie was reportedly awful, so much that film editors who worked on it declared it unwatchable. His jewelry business tanked and Rigatuso/Harris was arrested and spent time in prison for fraud. Apparently, the "money back guarantee" was anything but a guarantee. There was one rumor that he was arrested for his crimes right as he was about to flee the country.

Now, he has a website where you can order an hour-long copy of The Making of Blood Circus. You can also submit demos to him to showcase your talent. If he likes what he sees, he'll work with you--for a fee. Who does this guy think he is? Simon Cowell? Star Search?

Some computer techs say the site is unprotected, meaning you're taking a risk if you put up your financial information.

I wonder if Harris is one of those guys who is deliberately doing what he can to get sent away again. Fishy...

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