Saturday, August 16, 2008

Just asking

I spent much of the last year trying to get full-time employment. One ad I kept running into talked about a very successful company needing people to work as "registration agents". $25 an hour. Sounds great, right?

Well, twice I applied for work there, went to fill out the applications, submit my resume and sit through a 20-minute presentation that could've easily been done in about five minutes. They never really told us what it was that we'd be doing, instead talking about this growing company and how successful it is and how we'd be working long hours.

On the surface, that sounded great. Working 12-hour days five days a week, this comes to $78,000 a year (before taxes, but still not too shabby).

When I went in for the private interview, they asked a few questions. Both times, the men said, "I really like your resume and your answers. You're on my short list. We'll be in touch."

Nothing came of it. But this company is constantly advertising needing new registration agents.

Is it possible that the job's far from what's advertised and that it's another one of those worthless commission only jobs where you have to drive your own vehicle and use your own gas when you go out and try to get people signed up?

Unemployment is very humbling and can suck away your dignity, but be very cautious of what you see in the job ads.

Very cautious.


sabby said...

If a company is constantly needing employees, that says alot about the company and beggs the question...why the high turnaround?

oh and Hi :) tml91 here :)

Richard Zowie said...

Exactly, sabby. $25 an hour and high turnaround equals this saying: if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.