Monday, February 25, 2008

Oscar is a dud

No, I didn’t watch the 80th annual Academy Awards last night. Was too busy counting the number of fibers in our living room carpet. Three basic reasons I didn’t watch: the movies nominated this year looked like duds, it’s a glorified popularity contest and the incredibly unfunny “comedian” Jon Stewart hosted.

Last time Stewart hosted was a few years ago. He was horrible then and I didn’t want my time wasted again.

Apparently, few others watched also. One AP report says that preliminary ratings show this year’s event was watched by about 14 percent less viewers than the lowest-rated broadcast of 2003, when only 33 million tuned in.

The only thing good last night was that fake-umentarian Michael Moore didn’t win Best Documentary for his film Sicko. There is an unusual report regarding Moore apparently moving to Cuba. Check it out here.

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