Thursday, February 7, 2008

The Joys of Freelance Writing, Part 1

Turned down what I had hoped would be a good writing assignment. The impression I got over the phone was that the pay would be based on how well the articles were written. I then learn that they wanted 2-4 articles weekly. In return, I would receive a byline for the articles written and “good exposure”. When I asked about pay rates, I was told they didn’t pay for the articles.

Well, I’ve been a professional writer for almost eight years. If I write for you, I expect to be paid. Period. My only exceptions now are inspirational writing, and even then it’s pretty much confined to the My Two Shekels column that I write. Exposure and bylines are nice, but I expect to be paid. Sounds like another company wanting skilled writing work done but yet not wanting to pay to have it done. Can you imagine needing the transmission in your car replaced and telling the mechanic, “I won’t pay you, but I’ll tell all my friends how good a job you did”? The mechanic, naturally, will tell you to take your business elsewhere.

Exposure is nice, but here’s what a friend (a successful journalist) has told me: if a well-known, reputable company wants you to write for them, they will pay you.

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