Monday, February 11, 2008

Below-the-belt humor

Last night I watched a show that counted down the Top 100 most outrageous moments on television. Mostly “funny” stuff, with the Number One moment being a moment from The Newlywed Game that was erroneously thought to be an urban legend. I was disturbed, though, by the segments that showed men getting injured by getting hit in the crotch. One man was hit there with a batted ball. One man landed on a fence. One man was hit by an errant swing. And, of course, crotch hits seem common on those “Funniest Home Video” shows.

I am beginning to believe that such programs are produced by women who hate men. What on earth is so funny about seeing a man writhe in agony after his testicles take a bruising? It’s happened to me, and I can tell you, it’s excruciating.

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