Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Whom will I vote for?

This is looking like yet another presidential campaign in which there are no clear "great" choices. Alas, I was only 11 the last time we had a clear-cut choice--back in 1984 when President Ronald Reagan ran for re-election. I'm an independent conservative, so it goes without saying that none of the Democrats appeal to me. Of the Republicans, I like Fred Thompson, although I wonder how long he'll be in the race. I don't like Mitt Romney's social issues but he seems solid in terms of fiscal issues. Mike Huckabee, though a former minister and a Christian, seems like a mixed bag; supposedly democrats want him to get the GOP nomination since they feel he'd be the easiest to defeat. I'm not impressed with Rudy Giuliani's social issues positions. As for John McCain, I've never really gotten over his anti-First Amendment campaign finance reform. Still, if McCain gets the nomination, I will probably vote for him.

There's also third party. The only way I'll do that is if the GOP has no chance of losing in November or if their candidate so much disgusts me that I decide on a protest vote.

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