Wednesday, January 30, 2008

An open note to Houston Astros owner Drayton McLane regarding my request for Houston's current uniforms to be fired

Mr. McLane:

I know that what’s ultimately important are the players who wear the Houston Astros uniform and not the uniform itself, but I am begging you: PLEASE change those ugly uniforms the Astros have. Houston needs a return to its roots with uniforms that reflect the space industry and the team nickname (short for Astronaut and derived from the Greek word for star). In the 2000 season, you chose to radically change the Astros’ uniforms to reflect the location of their new stadium (now Minute Maid Park). Located on a former train depot, the colors were altered to black, brick red and sand and the script patterned to resemble that of a train. Oh yeah, with a name like the Astros and a logo that used to include a shooting star, that made a lot of sense.

My humble suggestions for a new uniform:

1) Return to the blue-and-gold moving star of the nineties
2) Return to the blue-and-orange shooting star look of the sixties
3) Incorporate the royal blue, silver and red of NASA’s logo to create a new look altogether that pays appropriate homage to Houston’s space exploration industry.

Remember, railroads (at least the one at Union Station) reflect the past. Space exploration reflects the future.

The only two things I like about the current uniforms: the numbers on the front of the jersey and the name HOUSTON on the road jerseys.

Richard Zowie
Houston Astros fan since 1983
Arbela Township, Michigan

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