Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Post-Michigan Primary thoughts

The controversial Michigan primary is over. My wife and I talked about the issues, prayed and compared where the candidates stood on the issues, and we voted for Mike Huckabee.

I can't speak for Jennifer, but for me, it was mostly a protest vote. I don't think Huck will get the nomination, and I doubt he'd do well against Hillary or whomever gets the democrat nomination. But with our views, Huck was the closest to what we believe. Granted, it was more of Huckabee stunk the least of all the candidates. I didn't like John McCain's views on immigration or his campaign finance bill; Giuliani's too much of a RINO; Romney has a track record of being a liberal and is only now starting to have conservative social issues. I've been a registered voter since 1992, and I have yet to see an election where one candidate jumps out as THE choice. Too bad I was too young to vote when Reagan was in office.

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