Friday, January 25, 2008

Season openers soon for Lost and 24

In the Zowie family, we love the shows Lost and 24. Lost, that brilliantly-enigmatic show, begins this next season with the survivors of that Oceanic flight apparently getting rescued from the island—or are they? So many questions…is Ben right in saying they’ll die if they leave the island? Can Sawyer (real name: James Ford) changes his con-artist ways? Will we find out why Jack, back in the real world, wants to return to the island? Will Jin’s crash course in English continue? Will Hurley be able to go an entire episode without saying the word “Dude”? Will Desmond be reunited with his girlfriend?

I can hardly wait.

Meanwhile, I’m apprehensive about 24. I love the show, but last season was fairly disappointing. What I wanted to see was Jack Bauer escaping from a Chinese bamboo gulag. Instead, it was a season where his return was nothing short of anticlimactic. I think my favorite part of the season was the recurring role of the brilliant Hong Kong-born actor Tzi Ma, who played the ominous Chinese official Cheng Zhi.

This season will feature Tony Almeida as an apparent criminal mastermind. You thought Tony was dead? Well, so did I. but as we’ve learned on 24, just about anything’s possible. Maybe the show will feature Wil Wheaton (who co-starred in Stand by Me with Sutherland) as a criminal mastermind.

This season starts with Jack testifying before congress regarding his treatment of a terrorist suspect. The senator interrogating him is played by Kurtwood Smith (who played Red Forman on That 70s Show). Jack has to once again save the day from some sort of terrorist attack. We’ll see.

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