Saturday, November 17, 2007

Work today

Had a hard time getting to sleep last night, due in part to my knees aching from being stood on most of the day. Took three ibuprofens and, several hours later, the pain subsided. Work was smoother today. Getting faster but still would like to see myself get to where I can get all my tasks (baking bagels, clean up, taking inventory, prepping production, making bagels and clean up) in five to six hours. It's a fun place to work, and I truly am blessed to be out again earning a living. Place I work is a Davison, Mich.-based bagel shop.

It's kind of strange to be up and working so early in the morning, and since I'm not a morning person (despite four years in the military), it's a challenge I am enjoying. If you have the type of job where you have to work in the early morning, best thing to do is go to bed early.

Of all the jobs I've ever had, one of my favorite was when I worked in the bakery at Pensacola Christian College. I loved going to work, loved what I did at work, loved the people and genuinely hated to have to clock out.

Nothing like being tired at the end of the day.

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