Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Golden Compass movie

Don’t know if I’ll see this movie. Have yet to see the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy or Chronicles of Narnia. Haven’t read them, either: fantasy literature isn’t a favorite of mine.

I may not watch The Golden Compass, but it’s safe to say that lots and lots of people will. Some because it’s fantasy and they enjoy the genre and others because they want to see if the movie measures up to the controversy. The movie is said to have been based on fantasy literature written by an atheist and that, in the books, God is killed.

Many Christians are angry with this movie and no doubt many ministers are telling their congregation not to watch it. Just as they did with films like Life of Brian, The Last Temptation of Christ and The DaVinci Code. Other Christians are encouraging fellow believers to watch the film, feeling that discussion of the movie will generate opportunities to share the Gospel.

As for the Christians who plan to boycott and be vocal about it, just realize that all your boycott will really do is encourage more people to go watch it. It will spark the curiosity of some and for others, who love to see Christians get offended, they will go watch the movie for that very reason.

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