Monday, November 12, 2007

Fabio vs. George Clooney, Round 1

This last Friday actor George Clooney and model/butter pitchperson/production company owner Fabio got into a spat at a Los Angeles restaurant. Kind of funny. Here's an account of it from the website of blogger Debbie Schlussel:

George Clooney and romance icon Fabio stunned diners at Hollywood's swanky Madeo
restaurant on Friday, when they exchanged fighting words over a photo session.

Actor Fabio was dining with friends when one stood to take photos close to a table Clooney was sharing with his girlfriend Sarah Larson...According to In Touch Weekly magazine, Clooney thought the photographer was trying to take shots of him and asked her to stop -- a request that annoyed his fellow diner.

The magazine reports Fabio went over to Clooney's table to explain, but the conversation became heated, and the long-haired actor was overheard telling the "Ocean's Eleven" star, "I thought you were a nice guy. Stop being a diva!" [Emphasis mine]

The encounter reportedly prompted [an] angry Clooney to stand up and approach Fabio. An eyewitness tells In Touch, "The waiters broke it up before it got out of hand. "George looked annoyed. ... George was drinking but he wasn't drunk." Clooney reportedly skipped the rest of his meal, asked for his bill and left.

Fabio's manager has refused to comment about the incident, but says, "George is lucky he didn't end up in the ER."

Nothing better than a girlie-man like Fabio almost beating up a liberal fascist like George Clooney. Please, keep it comin'!

I wonder if Clooney yelled at Fabio (whose real name is Fabio Lanzoni): "I CAN believe it's not butter!"

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