Wednesday, July 2, 2008

This election...

…is like a game of Scrabble where you’re stumped on your options. In Scrabble, if you can’t make a word, you just simply toss your tiles into the pile, take out seven new ones and take a pass.

That’s what I wish I could do in November 2008.

When I look at Senator John McCain, I see a man who perhaps, at best, could be described as a minimal conservative. His views on campaign finance bother me, and I don’t like his views on abortion. However, I am encouraged by his views on foreign policy and feel that he is right when it comes to taxes: besides cutting taxes, we also need to corral wasteful spending.

As far as Senator Barack Obama, he’s a good public speaker who’s great at telling people what they want to hear. That’s about all I find appealing about him. For a man who claims to be a Christian (and only the senator and God know for sure), he certainly supports some very godless agendas. Abortion, ad nauseum. And then there’s affirmative action, and more taxes. There’s also this idea that Obama has to tear off his suit, revealing his superhero costume and go out and repair eight years of Bush Foreign Policy Debacle. Please. Sometimes doing what’s right means doing what’s not popular. I thank God that Obama was not president in the eighties when President Ronald Reagan had the Soviet Union to deal with. I am getting the creeping feeling that Obama has no clue just how complicated this job is. When I hear him speak, he’s always dreadfully short on details. Well, anybody can talk about change. Besides, isn’t that the same tired thing we heard from Walter Mondale in 1984, Michael Dukakis in 1988, Bill Clinton in 1992 and John Kerry in 2004?

As of now, July 2, 2008, if the election were today, I would plug my nose and vote for McCain.

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