Friday, July 11, 2008

Buyer beware

In the past few months, I've noticed an ad on my blog for a certain type of writing service. Because I make money when people click the ads, I won't say when it's posted or what it is. I did, however, at one time try it services. Signed up for a $2.95 7-day trial and then for a month at around $25. It turned out to be a waste of money and time. The thousands of jobs they promised I could apply for turned out to be a tiny trickle. I'd apply, submit my bid and never hear from them again.

If you're a writer looking for work, beware as you pitch your services. Some are legit while others are not. I've also learned, while writing a press release for one gentleman, that you have to be upfront and be absolutely clear about the services to be paid. Basically, I ended up spending about five total hours of my time writing a $100 press release for free. You live and you learn.

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