Monday, July 14, 2008

Another misleading Barack Obama ad

Last night, my wife and I saw a political ad of Barack Obama's attacking John McCain. When the background music is a piano in the minor keys, you know it'll be a negative one. In the ad, Obama talks of how McCain supports drilling for oil in Alaska and how it would take seven years for us to see the first barrels of oil from there.

Of course it'll take seven years, thanks to all the bureaucracy government levies on people wanting to drill for oil and gas. And besides, Senator Obama, if your party hadn't spent the past decade or so fighting tooth and nail against more drilling in America, we would've long sense started receiving that oil. We might also be paying $1.25 per gallon for gasoline instead of $4.15.

Sheesh, what on earth doe people see in this buffoon? In his four years as Illinois senator, he has essentially done two things: promote his book Audacity of Hope and run for president. I find his talk of "change" to be old, tired, recycled arguments. One wonders if he plucked it from some book, published in the eighties, from a 5-for-$1 bin at a flea market.

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