Thursday, July 3, 2008

Mitch Albom’s ‘Guns for America’ column

How nice it would be to live in columnist Mitch Albom’s world, where you have the millions to have your house alarmed with the most expensive security systems, where the police can be at your house at a moment’s notice at the drop of the strangest sound that worries you.

Albom, whose column is syndicated by Tribune Media Services, was complaining in his column about how catastrophic America will be now that the Second Amendment has been affirmed. He erroneously stated—you know, there are far too many erroneous statements in his column, and it would take all afternoon to detail them all.

I do wish Mitch could spend a week or two living in a bad neighborhood where, all too often, the only people with guns are the criminals and the police with agonizingly-slow response times. He might then understand why so many Americans feel the urgent need to possess firearms. BTW, Mitch, the Second Amendment was not solely intended to arm the military, but rather to make sure citizens could privately arm themselves when needed. The amendment doesn’t mean that every American will have a gun (the ruling won’t affect laws prohibiting convicted felons from being able to legally have firearms). Also, if you’d done your research, you’d find the amendment wasn’t even created until after the Revolutionary War.

If we ever leave Michigan, Albom’s columns will definitely be one thing I won’t miss.

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