Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Looking for more friends I knew while growing up

I’m just a very sentimental person who loves to keep in touch with people I used to know. If you’re one of these people, feel free to drop me a line at richardzowie@gmail.com, or simply drop a comment on this blog.

From the time I lived in Colby, Kan., from 1975-ish to 1981 and attended kindergarten through second grade: Matt Christiansen, Jennifer Commerford, Mrs. Peterson and Mrs. Fullwider

From the time I lived in Alvin, Texas, from 1981-1983 and attended second through fourth grade: Suzy Goad (who might actually be a distant cousin of mine), Marty, Joe Sanders, Martin Anguiano, Meredity Briscoe, Michelle McLeod, and, of course, my best friend from that time, Lance Boyd

From the time I lived in Beeville, Texas from 1983-1991 and finished high school: Ben Wilson, Patricia Bartlett, Valkena West, Mrs. Saenz, Dr. McTee, Rosgil Gutierrez, Matt Nicholson


Anonymous said...

Dear grandson of Sylvester Sebastian Zahnweh (pronounced "Tsahn-veh", meaning "Toothache" in German),

I am honored to be mentioned in your blog. I am alive and well,...well. I just got off work and am bleary-eyed and should be in bed, but I stumbled across your blog, and having perused it for the last little while, I have giggled much. Good job. I'll write you again when I am more lucid.

Your old friend,
Valkena (currently pronounced "Val-KEY-nuh", as you well know...not exactly Americanized as they never came over here...but pronounced "Wahl-KEN-uh" in the original Dutch and meaning I'm not really sure what exactly, but hopefully nothing uncomplimentary like "whale booger" or bunion scraper")

Richard Zowie said...


Great to hear from you again.

This is actually an older blog of mine. My current ones: