Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Houston DisAstros...

Opening Day 2008 is a few weeks away, and I understand that the Houston Astros' earned run average for this spring is over 6. Yes, it's spring training, but it strikes me as an ominous sign of things to come.

Houston is said to have an anemic farm system, and there's the owner who--with the exception of guys like Carlos Lee--seems leery to spend money to get the talent Houston so desperately needs. Maybe it's because of the infamous Carlos Beltran incident (Beltran's agent Scott Boras supposedly held out for a no-trade clause after Houston offered Beltran the richest contract in the team's history; word is that Boras never had any intentions of his client signing with Houston).

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Beth said...

Hey, this is Nathan Hendricks, and I ran across one of your messages a long time ago from the PCC message board. PCC dishroom forever!!

Ok, thankfully not, but it's good to hear that you still follow the Dallas Cowboys. is where I get all my info, it's so much faster to be caught up, because you've got several thousand fans on the cutting edge of rumors and even some inside information from the team itself!

On a side note, we both voted for Mike Huckabee, although my vote was in the primary here in Alaska. I'm currently at Elmendorf at this point. Shoot me an email sometime at My blog is hendrickshome.blogspot, check it out sometime!!