Monday, March 24, 2008

Gary Cole, the Undisputed King of Underrated Actors

I’ve seen many movies and shows that Gary Cole has been in. I thought he was hilarious in his caricature performance of Mike Brady in the Brady Bunch movies. I’ve never seen the short-lived CBS mid-nineties thriller American Gothic, but I remember how terrifying Cole looked in the commercials. He also, some time earlier, played a tormented late night talk show host on Midnight Caller. Then, there was his performance of a Green Beret Army officer accused of murdering his wife and children in Fatal Vision.

I also remember Cole as the comically aloof Bill Lumbergh in the cult classic Office Space.

So, how many awards has Gary Cole received in his brilliant acting career?

Zero. Not even a nomination.

Wow. Something’s definitely wrong with that.

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