Monday, May 5, 2008

Latest on Chip

Chip's still in the hospital and is slowly recovering. Docs have told him he can have ice chips and popsicles. They gave him the option of transferring back to Lapeer Regional Medical Center from Flint's Hurley Hospital, but he and my wife both wisely told the medical officials "no." Hurley is more advanced in some ways, Chip's developing a good rapport with the doctors and nurses and we didn't see any rationalization for going through the trouble of transferring him to Lapeer again. Chip likes this place much better and, with all due respect to the folks in Lapeer, Chip being happy will be helpful in his recovering quickly.

I made him laugh the other day, when describing to Jennifer my trip to the cafeteria as a scene from The Shining. Can't wait for him to get home since I miss both of them. House seems very empty right now.

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