Thursday, May 29, 2008

Actor Gary Dourdan gets slap on the wrist in drug arrest

First, there was sportscaster Marv "YESSSSSSSS!" Albert getting his wrist slapped years ago; after being arrested on sexual assault charges, Albert plea bargained his way into a sweetheart deal that expunged the charges from his criminal record if he kept his nose clean and didn't arrested within a year.

Now, it's CSI star Gary Dourdan's turn.

Remember? He was arrested last month outside Palm Springs when police reportedly found heroin, cocaine and ecstasy in his car. All three are felonies.

Dourdan pled guilty to two of the three counts. Not only will he not go to prison (he could've served more than three years), but after completing 30 hours of a diversion program, his case will be dismissed completely.

Makes me sick. When John Q. Public gets arrested on drug charges, most likely he will have to figure out how to avoid becoming a girlfriend of one of the prison's most feared inmates. All Dourdan has to wonder now is whether or not he'll be returning to CSI for its ninth season (his character was shot in the season finale).

Some justice.

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