Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Radio host Mancow says a mouthful

Radio host Mancow (real name: Matthew Erich Muller) really said a mouthful on his show today. I enjoy listening to him even though he's a libertarian going third party and I don't agree with libertarians on several issues. (I think the whole logic behind drug legalization is absolutely insane and would open a goliath of a Pandora's Box). Be that as it may, Mancow was talking about how the church he attends is mostly black. Many of them are very conservative: limited government, low taxes, pro-life, pro-Baby Born Alive Act (the one that prohibits doctors from finishing the job on an aborted baby that survives), pro-military, pro-War on Terror.

Yet, they tell Mancow that they plan to vote for Barack Obama?


"Because he's black."

Forgive me for asking, but how is this not racist?

Anybody care to try to explain this nonsense to me?

I'd really like to see how this mentality is really any better than the KKK guys who plan to vote for McCain because McCain's white and Obama's black (even though Obama has a "typical white person" grandmother).

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